What is a Reaction?

When I first started the elimination portion of the diet, I was worried about knowing when I had a reaction to food. I looked at the long list of possible reactions and some seemed difficult to pinpoint or know that it wasn’t just an unrelated mood swing. Fatigue, lethargy, feeling like you’re walking through molasses


I made a mistake this morning.  I accidentally put Lactaid milk in my coffee and drank some of it. See, I’m in the middle of an elimination diet and I’m not supposed to have milk yet.  My nose got stuffy almost immediately. I could even feel the congestion in my mouth.  It left an unpleasant taste. 


On Day 18, I introduced Citrus with an orange and some lemon in my tea. It did not go well. I had a runny nose and sneezing. I had a strange shiver-like muscle spasm about an hour after eating which may or may not have been related.  I also had a headache and generally felt

Starting the Elimination Diet

So what makes a person who’s just leaving another three-month bout of depression decide to embark on an allergy elimination diet?  Desperation and a touch of mania. I’d read that bipolar disorder coexisted (likely in a causal relationship) with inflammation in the brain.  I’ve had over four years of a litany of barely-working medications. I