Hello, I’m Katherine.  I’m 41 years old.  I’m fat and crazy.

I’m currently living off of disability retirement because my bipolar disorder became resistant to pharmaceutical treatment and I could no longer manage my government job.  I’m extremely overweight and constantly trying to lose weight. I have an eating disorder which is exacerbated by my mood disorder. For years, I’ve used food to try to handle my out-of-control emotions.

This blog documents my most recent attempts to be healthy. I’m currently trying an Elimination Diet to reduce inflammation.  I’m trying to downsize my belongings to reduce stress, increase my savings, and leave some money for travel. I want to start an exercise program. I take a wide variety of vitamins and minerals daily. I take a daily probiotic. I’m part of two 12 step programs. I want to start a daily meditation practice. I want to restart a daily gratitude practice. I’ve restarted my bullet journal to stay organized and focused.

That’s a lot, which is why I’m staggering the start times for each project.  My mania encourages me to start a lot of projects and I eventually overwhelm myself. I’m focusing first on the supplements, bullet journaling, and the elimination diet.

Just a couple of final notes: 1) my name has been changed so I can talk about 12 step programs with Anonymity, a crucially important tradition of the 12 step programs.  2) The links to books and products in my blog are affiliate links and I earn a little money if you use them to purchase the product.